Welcome to Life Works Professional Counseling! A private therapy practice in Ruckersville, VA. Counseling Services are provided by Crystal Myers, LPC. 

I specialize in trauma and abuse, depression, and anxiety. If you find yourself feeling sad or hopeless, are crying a lot, feeling afraid or avoiding certain situations or people, have a feeling of dread or are unable to stop negative thoughts, having nightmares or flashbacks, feeling numb or unable to experience feeling happy or hopeful, feeling tense, stressed, or unable to relax, blaming yourself, feeling bad about yourself, have low self esteem or no confidence, are not enjoying things you previously enjoyed doing, eating too much or too little, sleeping too much or not enough, feeling irritable, unable to concentrate, or are isolating yourself from others, counseling will help! 

I also provide couples therapy and have training and experience with emotionally focused therapy to help couples who are just starting out, making major life changes, trying to repair their relationship after an affair, or are stuck in major conflict mode where neither of you feels heard and you are unable to come to agreements, so you start living separate lives to avoid arguing or the pain of trying to relate. 

Studies have shown that the overall effectiveness of therapy and positive outcomes are supported by the quality and strength of the relationship with your therapist. It's very important for you to feel heard and respected by whomever you chose to work with. Whether this is your first time or fourth time seeking counseling, you are taking the positive steps needed to help you manage your life more effectively. Feel free to contact Crystal with any questions you have about your situation, counseling in general, and whether this would be a good time to consider beginning counseling services.