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Posted 7/1/2016

Depression Screening and Counseling 

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Clinical Supervision for LPC Residents

Posted 6/26/2016

One of the most meaningful lessons I learned in grad school that has only been reinforced during my work at agencies and now in private practice is the absolute importance of good clinical supervision. Losing your bearings when working with a client is all too easy. How do you process those difficult or traumatic experiences and not become burnt out? How do you work through vicarious traumatization? When you get stuck with clients, how do you identify and interrupt problematic behavioral patterns that are occurring in sessions (and more than likely in their relationships outside of sessions)? How do you continue to identify, process, and work through your counter transference issues? What are the ethical requirements associated with being a Licensed Professional Counselor? What does it mean to be a LPC? What is professional identity? How do you learn the art of giving clients behavioral experiences of safety, support, encouragement, and challenge in session?  The answer to all of these questions is that you learn them through consistent, supportive, and safe clinical supervision!

We learn in graduate school and are reminded in most clinical training experiences that the relationship we develop with our clients is one of the key factors that allows them to feel safe, supported, and able to take the risks necessary to learn new skills and implement changes in their lives. Clinical Supervision for licensure is no different. In order for you to learn the skills and concepts that will support you in growing to become an effective counselor, you also need to have these same experiences with your supervisor.

I very much enjoy providing clinical supervision and training for new clinicians. If you are searching for a clinical supervisor, I’m happy to talk with you to determine if we would be a good fit for this important part of your training to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.  

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