Group counseling can be effective in helping to better understand the impact you have on other people and to get feedback about the way you communicate and interact with others. It's also a cost effective way to get counseling support. With group, there is natural sense of community that is eventually created, as participants invest in their own and others growth and awareness.

Group sessions typically last 90 minutes.

Crystal offers an eight session anger management group and a twelve session Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group. Both have education, therapy, and interpersonal components.

The anger management group is open to new members at the start of each eight week group.

The CBT group is broken down into three four week modules focusing on how thoughts affect mood and behaviors, how activities affect mood and behaviors, and how contacts with other people affect mood and behaviors. This group is open to new members at the beginning of each module. Each participant in the CBT group is encouraged to complete all three modules.