Screening for Depression


The following is a list of symptoms people sometimes have.  In the space provided to the left of each symptom, place the number that best describes the amount that symptom has bothered you during the past week.


                                    Amount of Concern                                               Number to Use

                                                None                                                                          0

                                                Somewhat                                                                 1

                                                Moderately                                                                2

                                                A Lot                                                                           3


_____  1.   Sadness: feelings of sadness or “down in the dumps.”

_____  2.   Discouragement: Feeling that the future looks hopeless.

_____  3.   Irritability: Feeling resentful and angry a lot.

_____  4.   Loss of Interest: Lost interest in school, work, friends, hobbies or creative outlets.

_____  5.   Loss of Libido: Lost interest in sex.

_____  6.   Appetite Changes: Lost appetite or tending to binge.

_____  7.   Sleep Changes: Difficulty sleeping or sleeping too much.

_____  8.   Restlessness: Fidgety and finding it hard to settle down.

_____  9.   Difficulty Moving: Finding it hard to move or be active.

_____  10. Fatigue: Experiencing lack of energy.

_____  11. Poor Self-Esteem: Thinking you are worthless.

_____  12. Guilt: Self-criticism and blaming yourself for everything.

_____  13. Lack of concentration: Difficulty processing thoughts.

_____` 14. Indecision: Trouble making up your mind about things.

_____  15. Suicidal Thoughts: Feeling you would be better off dead. ***

                                    TOTAL FOR ALL SYMPTOMS ________


Total Score                          Degree of Depression

0-10                                        Minimal/None

11-20                                      Mild

21-30                                      Moderate

31-45                                      Severe

***If your amount of concern for #15 is 2 or greater, please seek immediate help and support regardless of the total for all symptoms.